Hand drill characteristics and structural analysis of the use of hand drill
2021-04-12 22:15:17

1, hand drill is a single insulated handheld drill, with safe, reliable, advanced and reasonable structure technology, fast speed, high efficiency, easy maintenance. To comply with IEC international safety standards, in line with GB3883.1 "Safety of hand-held electric tools" and GB5580 "drill" standard.

Household multifunction hand drill series structure: a greater improvement on the process, especially in terms of safety, to learn the advantages of foreign power tools, combined with the advantages of the manufacturer's. Hand drills widely used in metal drilling. Also suitable for wood, plastic drilling.

2, the main structure description:

(1) electric motor; a self-protective ventilation single-phase series motor. Insulation is class E class. The stator and armature wire with high strength polyester paint covered round copper wire, and with a special insulation treatment, reliable quality. All wiring with special structure, a good contact. Commutator trapezoidal copper bar is made to thermosetting plastics and mica, as the dielectric. Pressed into the shaft between the electrode and the core thermosetting plastics, 6,10,13 mm drill casing, the handle cover is made of thermoplastic engineering plastics, 19, 23 mm drill in aluminum built with a plastic liner composed of a double insulation structure .

(2) switch; use hand-touch quick disconnect and having an electric drill switch self-locking device.

(3) capacitors; drill handle has a built-in interference capacitor, can inhibit the tool infinite electrical interference and TV.

(4) gearbox; the enclosure cover using the original formulation of the intermediate aluminum die-casting, durable, gear as amended gear, and by high-frequency heat treatment is not easy to wear.

(5) power cord and plug; three-core cord three-wire plug, power cord enters the enclosure fitted with an insulating outer sheath to protect cords, and the other end connected to the plug frame and then pressed into plastic (rubber) made of non-detachable power plug, safe and reliable.

(6) drill chuck; 6,10,13 mm when using claw-type drill chuck (or threaded drill chuck), the use of jaw-type drill chuck, first make clear the drill chuck and drill holes on the shaft surface forbidden thing. Including anti-rust wax, etc., and then drill chuck mounted on the shaft can be used.


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