Power Tools Knowledge
2021-04-12 22:15:02

Power Tools is an electromagnet powered by an electric motor or carried hand-held power transmission mechanism driven by the working head or transportable mechanized tools. Power tools are portable, easy to operate, versatile, etc., can greatly reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency, mechanization of manual operations, which is widely used in construction, housing decoration, automobiles, machinery, electricity, bridges, horticulture and other fields and poured into the family.

Features of the power tool is compact structure, small size, light weight, small vibration, low noise, flexible operation, easy to control and operate, easy to carry, sturdy and durable. Compared with hand tools can improve labor productivity several times to several times; higher than Fengdonggongju efficiency, low cost and easy to control.

Optional tools should note the following.

1, according to the need to distinguish between household or professional use, most of the power tool is designed for professionals, the purchase should be the difference between professional and general household tools. Tools difference generally professional and general household use on power tools for professional use larger power to facilitate professionals to reduce the workload, the average family with the tools due to a smaller project, the workload is relatively small, so the instrument input You do not need a lot of power.

2, tool packaging should be a clear pattern, no breakage, sturdy plastic boxes, plastic boxes open fastener should be solid and durable.

3, the appearance of the tool should be uniform color, plastic surface no obvious shadow silk and dents, scratches or bump should not have traces of the shell assembly between the parts displaced ≤0.5mm, aluminum casting defect-free paint is smooth and beautiful, the whole The surface should be free of grease and dirt. When held by hand, the switch handle should be smooth. The length of the cable should generally be not less than 2 meters.

4, tool nameplate parameters should be consistent with the CCC certificates. Instructions on proper production plant manufacturers and full address and contact details. Product lot number should be traceable on the nameplate or certificate.

5, holding the hand tool, power, frequently actuator switch, the tool frequently start to observe the tool switch-off function is reliable. While observing the scene of television, fluorescent whether there is abnormal phenomenon. In order to confirm whether the tool is equipped with active radio interference suppressors.

6, tool power run one minute, hand-holding operation, the hand should be no feel any unusual vibration, observe commutation spark, its commutation spark should not exceed 3/2 level, usually from the tool inlet Look at the inside, in the commutator surface should be no obvious arc. Run, should no unusual noises.